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Creativity Gone Wild!

My two year old is super creative. Nothing stops her. Her media and canvases are unlimited – from the mundane (crayons and paper) to the eccentric (her own body and toothpaste).

You know those countless pinterest posts with cool (and often impossible) craft ideas? You don’t need to be that overly-crafty parent in order to foster creativity. Just draw with your kids to create the art spark, and leave art supplies (really basic ones like pens and paper!) in an accessible location. Seriously, that’s it. You don’t even have to be artistic.

You, too, can have an artistic two year old…

A quick introduction. Here she is!

2 year old with crazy teeth @melissaswhimsy

This about sums up my 2 year old @melissaswhimsy

Red Crayola Chalk DOES NOT come off with Magic Eraser. In case you’re wondering:

Wall art by a 2 year old @melissaswhimsy

Wall art by a 2 year old @melissaswhimsy

The door to Mom and Dad’s room. See!?

Wall art by a 2 year old feauturing red Crayola chalk (which does NOT come off easily) @melissaswhimsy

Lots of Faces by a 2 year old feauturing red Crayola chalk (which does NOT come off easily) @melissaswhimsy

This is what Mom looks like after scrubbing walls:

More Wall Art by the Two Year Old Smiley Face @melissaswhimsy

More Wall Art by the Two Year Old @melissaswhimsy

We named this one Gerry:

Two Year Old Wall Art (we named it Gerry) @melissaswhimsy

Two Year Old Wall Art (we named it Gerry) @melissaswhimsy

She writes. In cursive!

Two Year Old Wall Writing @melissaswhimsy

Two Year Old Wall Writing @melissaswhimsy

And, finally… herself as her medium:

clara-drawing-face (1 of 1)

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Father’s Day Sale

Boston Red Sox: Funky Fenway Park, by Melissa Fassel Dunn

It’s really hard to shop for Father’s Day.

I have some unique items to offer if your guy is a Red Sox, Bruins, Boston, or Jeep Wrangler fan. I even offer a photo of the fort used in Clint Eastwood’s Hearbreak Ridge, which I shot last February in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Shop my Fine Art America store, where you can purchase Funky Fenway Park prints, mugs, phone cases, canvases, and many more creative things. Right now, I am offering a 15% off sale on items purchased from Fine Art America. Use coupon code KGYNXX

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Creating Art Makes Me a Better Person

What makes you a better person?

Creating Art Makes me a Better Person, by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Creating Art Makes me a Better Person,” by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Like this print? It’s for sale in my Etsy Shop!

I’ve been able to spend more time painting the past month than I have in the past six months combined.

I’m guessing this is pretty normal for a working mom of three kiddos under six, one of whom isn’t that fond of sleeping through the night. Anyway, mommy issues aside, it’s pretty miraculous that I was actually able to finish a painting! (Hopefully, you’ve checked out my Conway Covered Bridge painting, complete with progress.)

So, the other night, while I was putting the finishing touches on Conway Covered Bridge, I thought to myself, “Creating art makes me a better person.” And probably healthier, too. I’m one of the most Type A people ever – definitely not your typical artist. I have to fight myself to be Zen (an oxymoron, I know). But, when I have time to regularly paint, I’m less bothered by the little things, less aggravated with my husband, and I’m a WAY better mom.

During my six month old’s 2 a.m. feeding that night, I wondered what else made me a better person… coffee, definitely. Working out? Check! Losing 5 lb? Double check! There are so many things that make us feel better on multiple levels. I thought I would branch out of painting and make a digital print of what makes me a better person.

I would love to hear your comments about what makes *you* a better person!

Maybe it’s a long run, a hot bath, or even People magazine. Please share!

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Conway Covered Bridge, progression

Conway Covered Bridge

I don’t paint enough winter scenes. Perhaps, it’s because I love summer. I mean, l kindof live for summer. There’s something so romantic about New England’s covered bridges in the winter, I thought I would paint a small one surrounded by some mountains. At 8×8″, this painting would be a great addition to any room. I will update with my progress!

Original Sketch:

"Conway Covered Bridge," sketch by Melissa Fassel Dunn

“Conway Covered Bridge,” sketch by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Day 1:

Covered Bridge, Progression I by Melissa Fassel Dunn

“Conway Covered Bridge,” Progression I by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Day 2:

Note my daughter’s contribution to the painting… (purple crayon in the window). I guess I left it out for too long!

"Covered Bridge," Progression II by Melissa Fassel Dunn

“Conway Covered Bridge,” Progression II by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Day 3:

"Covered Bridge," Progression IIII by Melissa Fassel Dunn

“Conway Covered Bridge,” Progression IIII by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Day 4:

Listening to Ray Charles Radio on Pandora + Painting = Total Relaxation. I thought I was finished with this, until my husband reminded me that the road doesn’t actually go through the bridge. At that point, it’s the bridge floor. I pointed out that I’m not exactly going for realism, given that my portrayal of the bridge is actually structurally unsound, but at the end of the day, he’s right. Back to the brush!

"Covered Bridge," Progression IV by Melissa Fassel Dunn

“Conway Covered Bridge,” Progression IV by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Day 5

"Conway Covered Bridge," by Melissa Fassel Dunn

“Conway Covered Bridge,” by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Why Conway?

I decided to give the bridge’s sign the name Conway, in reference to the Northern New Hampshire ski town.

"Conway Covered Bridge," by Melissa Fassel Dunn

“Conway Covered Bridge,” by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Check out my super fancy palette!

"Conway Covered Bridge" palette

“Conway Covered Bridge” palette

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What would you like to do if money were no object?

This video has gone viral, for good reason. Every time it appears in one of my friend’s Facebook posts, I take the three-and-change minutes to watch it. I wish somebody had shown this to me when I was eighteen.

What really resonates with me, as a mom, is that our children follow or example: if we continue to support the notion that we have to work at something we don’t necessarily love, we are teaching them to do that exact same thing. Take a couple of minutes to view this — and share it with a child.

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Artist Darlene Seale

Dear Santa, please bring me a gift from Bad Bird Studio.

It’s human nature to like people like us, those who take pleasure in like similar things, and people who have complementary ideas.

So, I feel a bit narcissistic in adoring Darlene Seale’s colorful, whimsical art, but if it’s in my nature, how can I resist?

Santorini by Darlene Seale

Santorini by Darlene Seale

Santorini is my favorite, not only because of its happy colors and whimsical portraiture of the island, but also because I have always wanted to travel to Greece (sidebar: my husband promised to take me after the delivery of our second child). It has been quoted, “Beware of Santorini’s ancient spell- once you come here you’ll always want to come back!” and from the looks of Darlene Seale’s work, I believe it.

Heart Trees 2 by Artist Darlene Seale

Heart Trees 2 by Artist Darlene Seale. Wouldn’t this be a great complement to Hope from Micky?

Darlene Seale is so talented, she works with a variety of media including traditional paint, pencil and ink, digital illustration, and a mixture of all of the above. Because I tend to be an artist who tends to get set in her ways, I really admire artists like Darlene, who can mix it up. She also shares her talents through teaching local students jewelry making, art journaling and other applied art. If your’e in the San Diego area, check out her workshops.


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Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Progress #1

"Red Covered Bridge" by Melissa Fassel Dunn

“Red Covered Bridge” by Melissa Fassel Dunn

I had a whole 30 minutes to myself tonight, so I decided to begin a small 8×8″ painting of a covered bridge. There are many a covered bridge in New England and there is something so romantic about them… they say you must kiss while under the covered bridge. Maybe for good luck? I don’t know, but my husband and I always oblige the covered bridge fairies…!

Stay tuned for the progression of this painting!

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