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Christmas Handprint Kids’ Craft

Christmas Handprint Christmas Tree Canvas

Handprint Christmas Tree on Canvas

Handprint Christmas Tree on Canvas

I admit it, I’m a Pinterest junkie. I love that site. It’s great for inspiration, a good laugh, or a mental break. I pin all the time — and every once in a while, I actually cook something, or craft something from a pin.

I love all crafts involving handprints and footprints. I repinned the Christmas Tree handprint kids’ craft idea many months ago, and as it kept re-appearing on Pinterest, decided to finally get crafty.

My five-year-old and three-year-old were totally thrilled to be told to get paint all over their hands and then put it on a canvas “just like Mommy uses.” My five-month-old wasn’t exactly cool with having goo on her hands and not being allowed to shove them in her mouth, but her tiny red handprint at the top is incredibly precious, so her protests were worth it.

Did I get to paint my own canvas that day? Not unless you could the tree trunk, whimsical snowflakes and star. But, we made three heirloom canvases, and will cherish them for years to come.

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First Snow!

First Snow

Violet watching the snowfall. Photo by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Watching the snowfall. Photo by Melissa Fassel Dunn

I was in the living room this morning having some Mommy time with my youngest when I heard my three-year-old toddle out of her room and into my husband and mine, in search of cuddle time. Her footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs and suddenly, she exclaimed, “Mom! Dere’s snow out dere! It’s Pristmas!”

First snow is always so magical. Hope you enjoy this photo of her checking it out.

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