"Camping" by Melissa Fassel Dunn

“Camping” by Melissa Fassel Dunn

About Camping

Of my favorite memories as a child, many of them involve camping. Each summer, we’d pack up our van/station wagon with provisions for a week and head out to one of New York’s many state parks. My favorites were Hamlin Beach, Allegheny, and Evangola.

Until we made the jump to a pop-up trailer, we would all pile into this six (very skinny) -person blue and yellow tent, depicted in this painting. It smelled like camping – a distinct grass/canvas/waterproof treatment aroma. Despite my dad’s efforts, it was *not really* very waterproof. I remember waking up in a soaking wet sleeping bag multiple times, but somehow, that added to the fun. As a kid, rain-soaked = adventure.