Franklin Street

"Franklin Street" by Melissa Fassel Dunn

“Franklin Street” by Melissa Fassel Dunn

Franklin Street

After a particularly nasty winter of parking adventures in South Boston, my husband and I were fed up and decided it was time to move to The Burbs (incidentally, a hilarious Tom Hanks/Bruce Dern movie). We spent a month or so researching houses, and the minute this one came up, I fell in love. It was yellow (I love yellow houses) and cute, in my favorite town, homey, and perfect. (It also had horrible green cupboards, stick on tiles over linoleum over hardwood floors, a marigold ’70s bathroom, and a furnace the size of a Smartcar. Clearly, I was delusional. We have since updated the entire house, including the siding (now, a lighter yellow) and shutters (currently, navy).

Anyway, as the story goes, we saw the house. I painted the house. We put an offer in on the house. My ¬†husband has said many times that when we purchase our next house, I am not to paint it, because he won’t be able to refuse me.

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