Dear Santa, please bring me a gift from Bad Bird Studio.

It’s human nature to like people like us, those who take pleasure in like similar things, and people who have complementary ideas.

So, I feel a bit narcissistic in adoring Darlene Seale’s colorful, whimsical art, but if it’s in my nature, how can I resist?

Santorini by Darlene Seale

Santorini by Darlene Seale

Santorini is my favorite, not only because of its happy colors and whimsical portraiture of the island, but also because I have always wanted to travel to Greece (sidebar: my husband promised to take me after the delivery of our second child). It has been quoted, “Beware of Santorini’s ancient spell- once you come here you’ll always want to come back!” and from the looks of Darlene Seale’s work, I believe it.

Heart Trees 2 by Artist Darlene Seale

Heart Trees 2 by Artist Darlene Seale. Wouldn’t this be a great complement to Hope from Micky?

Darlene Seale is so talented, she works with a variety of media including traditional paint, pencil and ink, digital illustration, and a mixture of all of the above. Because I tend to be an artist who tends to get set in her ways, I really admire artists like Darlene, who can mix it up. She also shares her talents through teaching local students jewelry making, art journaling and other applied art. If your’e in the San Diego area, check out her workshops.