Hi, I’m Melissa!

Melissa Fassel Dunn

Artist Melissa Fassel Dunn

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be an artist “when I grew up.” Life and practicality got in the way, but in 2001, I reawakened my childhood dream after participating in Adult Education painting classes with Boston artist Anthony Riccardi. Not exactly known for my ability to sit still, I began painting as a means to calm my mind and escape to a magical world of whimsy, color, and fun. Using both acrylic and watercolors, I became addicted to the ability it gave me to not only express, but to relax.

Now a mother of three little girls, I try squeeze in one-hour painting sessions almost nightly and recently completed illustrations for my first published children’s book, “Meet Miss Molly,” by author Katie Chadwick.

In addition to painting and photography, I enjoy traveling, gardening, exercising, burying my head in a good book, and spending time with my husband and three delightful daughters.